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Safe in Socks

My Memoir By Teresa F Lancaster

“If telling my story makes people aware of these horrors and prevents future children from being sexually abused, I feel that would be my legacy”

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“I fight every year for the archaic statute of limitations law to be reformed. Been fighting for 20 years but Catholic church hires lobbyists to block reform which would allow victims of child sexual abuse their day in court.”


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“My name is Teresa Lancaster. I was featured in the Emmy nominated docuseries, The Keepers, which aired on Netflix on May 19, 2017, in 175 countries in 25 languages. This production exposes the cover up of a massive sex ring at my high school which led to a nun being brutally murdered because she tried to stop the abuse.”

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“Working with my community has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I do not plan on slowing down the fight anytime soon.”

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Teresa Lancaster

Safe in Socks is my story.  I’m not an easy person to understand.  Trust is difficult for me.  Life as I knew it crumbled and fell into pieces after a trusted priest and his friends sexually abused me in all sorts of perverted ways.  This memoir unfolds my journey starting with my carefree childhood, teenage insanity, growing into adulthood, and finally realizing my dream of becoming an attorney.

Book by Teresa Lancaster

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